Understand the Basic Casino Game Strategies and the Rules of the Casino Games.

If you’re apprehensive about playing a table game like blackjack, start with the simple wagers listed above to gain experience. Once you’re ready, proceed to the more challenging games. Take some time to become familiar with the game, though, before you sit down at a high stakes table.

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Online gambling lessons, such as this one for blackjack or this one for craps, are readily available. You can easily get a ton of how-to instructions and sophisticated tactics to improve your odds by conducting a fast Google search on websites like Wizard of Odds. It’s also OK if you don’t have time to perform any research before getting on the floor. Look for a low-stakes blackjack table where the minimum wager is minimal, such as $5 each hand (the lowest possible bet may be $10, depending on the casino and the night).

Tell the dealer that you would want to play but are unsure how as you approach the table. If you ask them, they could even show you how to play your cards correctly. They will be happy to teach you. As you can see, dealers profit greatly from player tips, thus it is in your best interest to perform well. They want you to succeed so they can be paid! Although it’s preferable to do this when the table is vacant to avoid interfering with others’ play, most people will either understand or go to another table.

Observe proper casino etiquette.

Even when you’re losing badly, it can only help you to be a cheerful, kind, and upright player. Other players will notice it, dealers will be friendlier, and cocktail servers will visit your table more frequently. Because I wasn’t a jerk, I’ve had dealers give me tips on every hand to help me win, cocktail waiters bring me doubles instead of single pours, and we’ve had a ton of fun laughs together. Don’t play if you can’t lose a little cash and still be a good guy.

Other from that, you should abide by the following fundamental casino rules:

Never take a seat at a table unless you intend to participate; do not just relax and watch a friend play.

Additionally, don’t sit down at a table until the hand has ended.

Never remove your phone from a table while seated. They’ll scream at you.

After placing your bet and the hand, spin, etc. has been dealt, do not touch it.

Use just one hand to handle your cards.

When the dealer has counted and put your prizes in front of you, wait to touch them.

Avoid acting like a hotshot by never stalling the game—that is, don’t blow on dice, hop around, or otherwise act like you’re doing something remotely significant.

Regularly tip your dealer by giving them a chip and stating, “This is for you,” or by making a wager on their behalf. Always give them chips instead of cash as a tip.

Don’t forget to tip your cocktail waitresses. Every time they come by, I give them a $1–$5 chip.

If you go by these guidelines, you might not win any money, but you’ll have a lot more fun and stay out of trouble.

Recognize When to Give Up

Since gambling may become addicted, you need exercise prudence and recognize when to give it up. For instance, while complimentary drinks are wonderful, there’s a good reason the casino is offering them to you. Avoid going overboard and being careless while placing bets.

And never try to recover your losses. The “gambler’s fallacy” is the belief that you may unexpectedly strike it fortunate once again and make up for lost money. You begin to feel as though you are about to hit it big and that all you need to do is keep adding money to your account. Regretfully, things don’t operate like that. As soon as you find yourself thinking, “If I could just play for a little while longer,” stop right away.

Finally, resist “gambler’s conceit,” which occurs when you’re excited, using your gains, or experiencing a winning run. You begin to consider things like, “Well, I could walk away with more than I started with, but maybe I should see this through,” and “Maybe I should bet more since I’m doing so well.” Unwise decision. Give up when you’re ahead. As soon as I’ve increased my starting balance by 50%, I put the chips in my pocket and don’t play with them again. I then use up any winnings I still have. If I keep doing well, I will keep pocketing 50% of the total until my luck runs out. If I’m lucky, I always leave with a little bit more than when I arrived with that configuration.

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